Core Team

Cofounder and CEO

Brit abroad.

PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

Triathlete, snowboarder, ramen hunter.

Tobias Peggs

Cofounder and Exec Chairman

The Kitchen Cofounder.

Board member at Tesla, SpaceX, Chipotle.

Real food for everyone.

Kimbal Musk

Head of Community & Communications

Communicator of vibes.

Brand and design specialist.

Word + image collector.

Christie Little

Head of Engineering

Builder of software and hardware.

Previously at RunKeeper, Tapjoy.

Waves and warm weather.

Paul Berry

Finance Manager

Accounting wiz.

Ex-property + project manager.

Drone pilot.

Elliott Fisher

Operations Manager

Overseer of office ebb & flow.

Marketing and social for start-ups.

Underground celeb insta-foodie.

Christa Montano

Head of Business Development

Opportunity creator, process developer

Farm to restaurant connector

Food lover & Music connoisseur

Rakan Ammouri

Project Manager

Strategic initiatives, "etc.".

Vegetable enthusiast.

Amanda Luskin

Program Manager, Brooklyn Campus

Cultivator + collaborator.

Good food policy advocate.

Nature lover.

Ashley Rafalow


Creator of all things tech.

Ex-Mobile Engineer.

Tasty food & good music.

Dave Pimentel

Brand Manager

Strategy, story and design.

Educator + Collaborator

Always curious.

Miguel Martinez

R&D Engineer

Analyze, Design & Construct

#realfood entrepreneur, Lacuna Studios Founder

Herbivore. Builds things that build things.

Maxwell Carmack

Research & Development

Seed Hunter + Basil King

Season 1 Entrepreneur

Growing Responsibly.

Josh Aliber

Farm Manager, Brooklyn Campus

Growing the next gen of farmers.

Lifelong farmer and amateur historian.

Lover of lettuce, dogs, and the South.

Sarah Ann Horton

Season 1 Alumni

Generalist | Entrepreneur

Motto: The problem is the solution.

Erik Groszyk

Founder | Street Leafs

Motto: Do well by doing good.


Jonathan Bernard

Farmer | Entrepreneur

Passion: Parkour & Progression


Paul Philpott

Grower | Brewer | Yoga Instructor

Motto: Let the beauty we love be what we do.

Sylvia Channing

Cofounder + Farming Director | Green Food Solutions

Motto: Don't panic


Electra Jarvis

Food Entrepreneur

Passion: Creating iconic food products.

Mason Grassfield

Food Entrepreneur

Passion: Green Tech, Hiking


Josh Aliber

Urban Farmer | Aspiring Entrepreneur

Passion: Food, Entrepreneurship, Impact.


Nabeela Lakhani

Farmer | Musician | Engineer

Motto: Build things that build things.

@green.vibrations + @earthtospace

Maxwell Carmack

Culinary Associate and Urban Ag Specialist @ JVL Wildcat

Motto: Just a kid from the South Bronx trying to do some good.


Luis Novoa

Mentors & Advisors