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Fresh, local greens, grown for flavor.

Basil inside a single branded Square Roots clamshell


Square Roots’ sweet basil is fragrant and full of bright, fresh flavor. With mild clove-like notes, it’s perfect with tomatoes, but fresh basil compliments sweet and savory alike.

Next-Level Tips

  • Blend into pesto or hummus.
  • Fold into baked goods like pies and cookies.
  • Pop into potato or pasta dishes.
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Arugula inside a single branded Square Roots clamshell


Square Roots’ arugula is crisp and tender with a peppery kick. It adds vibrancy to salads, boldness to cheeses and eggs and, like spinach, it’s firm enough to saute as a side.

Next-Level Tips

  • Pile on top of cooked pizza or layer into sandwiches.
  • Toss raw with olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Chop coarsely and stir into cheesy pastas.
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Radish Microgreens inside a single branded Square Roots clamshell

Radish Microgreens

Square Roots' radish microgreens are a nutritious, spicy blend of purple and red radish leaves with vibrant pink stems. They stand up well to bold flavors and pair well with Asian and Mexican dishes.

Next-Level Tips

  • Sprinkle over avocado toast or tacos.
  • Toss with a salad for added zest.
  • Snack on raw for crunch and heat.
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