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The Thing About Radish Microgreens

Square Roots | 07.09.20

Always having fresh greens on hand means you have a whole arsenal of fresh flavors to make your cooking memorable and flavorful. And we think using them should be intuitive (aka: you, making it look easy). The Square Roots farms replicate each plant's ideal growing climate, so we can provide you with bountiful greens, year-round. And for everything we grow, we provide the knowledge to make them another tool in your kitchen toolbelt.

Square Roots Radish Microgreens

Crunchy, spicy, and vibrant—the zippy flavor of radish microgreens lingers right up until the next bite. They stand up well to bold dishes and pair deliciously with flavor-forward cuisines, from spicy Mexican salsas to smokey American BBQ.

Radish microgreens are the seedlings of their full-grown counterparts and are loaded with nutrients and fresh radish flavor. By far the easiest of greens to “cook” with, just toss them on a dish right before it hits the table! When your baked fish is feeling a little underwhelming, top with microgreens. When there’s something missing from your sandwich or pasta...microgreens. Another taco night? Yep, microgreens! Having a package of these little flavor-bombs on hand is the ultimate party trick for your everyday eats.

Square Roots Radish Microgreens


Radish microgreens—in all their pink and purple splendor—are far more than a garnish. Keep them stocked in your fridge to add heat and nutrition to your favorite dishes.


Layer on top of avocado toast.

Snack on raw for crunch and heat.

Add life to your eggs—from omelets to soft-boiled.

Serve up the ultimate Bloody Mary. (Pre- or post-noon!)


Pile on top of guacamole and tacos.

Toss with a simple salad for added zest.

Incorporate into wraps to go beyond the everyday.

Add to steaks for instant fancy.

Square Roots Radish Microgreens

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