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The Square Roots Winter Streaming List

Square Roots | 01.23.20

We’ve settled into winter streaming season at Square Roots, and our Netflix queues are getting long. So what are the growers and food lovers on our team watching? Check out our list below! Hint: It wouldn’t be us if it weren’t filled with real food and science docs.

Square Roots Winter Movie List

Food for Thought

Rotten - Netflix

Why we love it: We’re in the know about the serious flaws in our food system, but Rotten goes all the way in on the stories behind the foods we eat every day. For better or worse, you’ll never look at an avocado the same way.

The Game Changers - Netflix

Why we love it: Equal parts science and humanity, The Game Changers profiles elite athletes around the world all while questioning outdated myths about protein, strength, and health. Cited as an actual game changer by some of the healthiest people we know, this one’s a win in the New Year’s resolutions category.

The Biggest Little Farm - Hulu

Why we love it: An empowering and transparent story about what really goes into creating a sustainable farm, it’s a true inspiration and gives us yet another reason to appreciate every piece of food we eat.

Food for Fun

Great British Baking Show - Netflix

Why we love it: In stark contrast to American cooking shows full of drama and rivalries, Great British Baking Show is a heartwarming competition full of friendly bakers. Throw it on during your next cozy baking day or when you just need a virtual group hug.

Chef’s Table - Netflix

Why we love it: Seeing the inspiration behind some of the world’s most creative and driven chefs brings our appreciation for the art of cooking to a new level. To top it off, cinema-quality art direction and production value make for a stunning viewing experience—all from the comfort of your couch.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Amazon Prime

Why we love it: While clearly the wild card of this list (it’s true, we love documentaries), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a team favorite and an incredible representation of food as a means of connection, tradition, and even persuasion.

Science and Design

Bill Nye Saves the World - Netflix

Why we love it: Bill Nye is back to connect real science to pop culture, politics, and our everyday lives. With celebrity guests and a zany tone, you’ll almost forget you’re learning something new.

Abstract: The Art of Design - Netflix

Why we love it: A must watch for design junkies, this docu-series profiles groundbreaking designers across every industry and medium. The insights into the creative process are endlessly inspirational when designing our own technology and spaces.

One Strange Rock - Disney+

Why we love it: Created by Darren Aronofsky and hosted by Will Smith, nothing can keep us from this ten-part series about the history, beauty, and fragility of our home planet.

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