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Our New Food Resolutions

Square Roots | 01.10.20

With food so central to life, health, and happiness, it’s no wonder that eating habits take center stage in our New Year’s resolutions. Over the past week, conversations around the Square Roots farms have veered towards talk of breaking bad habits, starting new ones, and overall paying closer attention to the food we eat. So, what are the farmers, foodies, and techies at Square Roots looking to change in 2020? Read on for some inspirational, yet totally attainable resolutions from the team.

Square Roots 2020 Food Resolutions

Martin Dearaway, Next-Gen Farmer, Brooklyn

“I would like to change my buying habits to support more companies that are doing good things, like donating portions of their profits or using environmentally-friendly packaging.”

Christie Little, Brand Consultant

“This year, I’m focusing on creating a planning process that works for my life, because the better I can plan my meals for the week, the more likely I am to stick to my less meat, more local vegetables routine, and the less likely I am to create waste and spend extra cash.”

Amanda Luskin Wasserstrum, Director of Operations

“Eat more produce!”

Steph Miller, Office Manager, Brooklyn

“Reducing waste—at home and in the office. A lot of the purchases I make for office supplies are intentional because the items and/or the packaging are compostable/recyclable, hoping to improve this as we head into the new decade.”

Sarah Ann Horton, Farm Operations & Training Manager, Brooklyn

“While not totally food related, I want to take more photos of farmers!”

Savie Sonsynath, Grand Rapids Next-Gen Farmer, Grand Rapids

“I’m looking to learn more about the foods I eat—the nutrition, health benefits, and the best ways to prepare foods to get the most nutrients.”

Tobias Peggs, CEO

“I’m aiming for zero food waste through more mindful purchasing upfront and mastering more recipes to cook with leftovers, if we have them.”

Ruth Temianka, Head of Marketing & Communications

“To bring a homemade lunch! Healthier, more creative, cheaper, and saves on throwaway containers.”

Katie LaRue, Next-Gen Farmer, Grand Rapids

“Mindful eating. Slow down and savor every bite. More awareness of my body's hunger and satiety cues as well as what foods make me feel good/bad. Reclaim ownership over my body = end goal.”

Christa Montano, Digital Marketing Manager

“I’m aiming to be better at recycling and taking the time to do it properly. Last year I wanted to compost and have stuck with it, so upping my recycling game would be even more awesome!”

Michelle Walters, Office Manager, Grand Rapids

“I'm working on reducing my meat consumption due to the lack of sustainability in that type of farming. I'm also planning to try cricket powder as a sustainable, nutritious protein source.”

Michelle Wong, Sales and Marketing Manager

“Up my meal prep game to help reduce food waste and experiment with new recipes!”

Jerry Garcia, Next-Gen Farmer, Brooklyn

“Cleaner eating. A more green-based diet and listening to what my body needs.”

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