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8 Ways Pesto Will Change Your (Culinary) Life

Square Roots | 08.01.19

Pesto is more than the emergency jar of pasta sauce in the back of your pantry. A simple homemade pesto can unlock greatness in your go-to dinners and on-the-go lunches. Once you start thinking of this herby delight as more of a condiment than a sauce, you’ll never go without it again.

How to use pesto

1. Sandwiches and wraps will never be the same.

Tomato and mozzarella on ciabatta. Veggies and hummus in a wrap. Open-faced grilled cheese (aka cheesy bread). Whatever your sandwich vibe, pesto will always be the game changer that takes it to the next level.

2. Meals will become easier than ever.

Cook up your veggies, tofu, chicken, or steak in your own classic fashion, then top with a heaping spoonful of pesto. That’s it. Now get out of the kitchen and enjoy your life.

3. Your salad dressings will find their superpower.

Add extra oil to traditional pesto to transform it into a simple salad dressing. Fancy something unexpected? Try stirring in buttermilk or greek yogurt for a creamy option to add decadence to any salad. Either way, your salad dressing game just went way up.

Square Roots Pesto with salad

4. You’ll always be the one to bring the dip.

Adding something homemade to the snack spread is a sure-fire way to get re-invited to a party. Simply give store-bought hummus an upgrade by mixing in a dollop of fresh pesto. No time for all this “mixing” nonsense? Go commando and serve pesto straight-up with freshly sliced red peppers and cucumbers.

5. Frozen food will take on new meaning.

Pesto. Is. Freezable! That means you can come home tired, boil noodles, defrost a frozen ice-cube of pesto, and then get to your current Netflix binge all in a matter of minutes. Pop the champagne! Or at least that can of sparkling water you found in the fridge...

6. Your brunch game will reach new heights.

Herbs and eggs are particularly good friends. Add pesto to a scramble, or swirl some into a frittata with fresh veggies for an easy egg delight. And if that sounds like too much work for a Sunday morning? Just swap out your “everything seasoning” for pesto on fried eggs.

7. Two words: Savory. Pastries.

Spread pesto onto biscuits and scones to make your favorite treats a little more savory. Or make your famous garlic bread...but with pesto. You can even bake pesto into crescent rolls. Basically any buttery, salty bread can be made better with pesto.

8. The options will never run out.

Once you know how the ratios work, pesto is endlessly customizable. Just sub out different herbs, oils, and nuts to change things up whenever you want. And drop the cheese to go vegan!

Ready to get on the pesto train? Check out our super simple recipe that’s just waiting for your customization. Now go forth and pesto!

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