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The Thing About Chives

Square Roots | 06.24.19

Always having fresh herbs on hand means you have a whole arsenal of fresh flavors to make your cooking memorable and flavorful. And we think using them should be intuitive (aka: you, making it look easy). The Square Roots farms replicate each herb’s ideal growing climate, so we can provide you with bountiful herbs, year-round. And for everything we grow, we provide the knowledge to make them another tool in your kitchen toolbelt.

Marco chives

Delicate. Spicy. Subtle notes of onion and garlic. You’ll find them sliced on potatoes, chopped on eggs, and sprinkled on sour cream—and for good reason. Chives fall into the onion, leek, and garlic family, but have a much milder flavor. Call on chives when you want the essence of onion without committing to an actual onion. As an essential kitchen staple, they last ages in the fridge, take simple dishes to the next level, and (bonus) add a bright pop of green to dishes needing a little love.

Keep the delicate flavor from being destroyed by high heat and long cooking times by adding chives at the end of cooking. We like to snip them with a regular pair of kitchen scissors. You’ll hear the crisp crunch and smell the garlicky flavor right away.

Square Roots chives


Chives balance dairy to brighten up creamy meals. They also pair well with other herbs, nuts, and seeds, adding crunch and zest to fresh dishes. Try them any of these ways:


Snip on top of cheesy omelettes.

Four words: Chive Butter Mashed Potatoes.

A bowl of comforting risotto is just begging for fresh green chives.


Chop chives with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and pine nuts for a fresh salad topping.

Mix with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce to drizzle over seafood.

Savory pancakes: you’ll thank us.

Square Roots packaged chives

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