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The Thing About Basil

Square Roots | 06.24.19

Always having fresh herbs on hand means you have a whole arsenal of fresh flavors to make your cooking memorable and flavorful. And we think using them should be intuitive (aka: you, making it look easy). The Square Roots farms replicate each herb’s ideal growing climate, so we can provide you with bountiful herbs, year-round. And for everything we grow, we provide the knowledge to make them another tool in your kitchen toolbelt.

Square Roots Basil

Sweet. Floral. Slightly minty. Basil is one of those fresh herbs that makes a simple salad extraordinary and gives everyday pizza a gourmet twist. Basil’s clove-like notes make it the ideal complement to tomatoes (it’s often called “the tomato herb”), but the applications for fresh basil extend far beyond that.

There are over 60 different varieties of basil but Square Roots grows Genovese sweet basil—hands-down the reigning basil of Italian cuisine. Its tender, highly fragrant leaves are best used fresh and whole, as heating them breaks down essential oils that give these lush greens their super-powered flavor. Your best basil MO? No touching. Leave them alone until the last minute, and they’ll do the heavy lifting.

Square Roots basil


Basil is an incredibly versatile herb that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes from cuisines around the world.


Muddle in cocktails or steep in teas and creams.

Riff on a traditional caprese by swapping tomatoes for watermelon or mango.

Fold into baked goods like pies and cookies.


Add to fresh green veggies and simple salads.

Pair with soy sauce, garlic, and miso for Asian-inspired dressings and marinades.

Add freshly chopped basil to brighten rich stews and soups.

Blend with mustard and lemon for everything from salad dressings to appetizer dips.

Pop into potato or pasta dishes (along with other bright herbs) for an extra something-something.

Square Roots packed basil

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