Empowering the next generation of leaders through urban farming.

The average age of the American farmer is 58 years old. If we’re going to change the food system, we need to create more pathways for young people to launch successful careers in farming.

That’s why we set up the Square Roots Next-Gen Farmer Training Program—to share the nuances of indoor urban farming and bring fresh, locally-grown food to ever-increasing populations in cities.

The Next-Gen Farmer Training Program

The year-long Square Roots Next-Gen Farmer Training Program puts participants at the forefront of the indoor urban farming industry. No previous farming experience is necessary to apply — just the passion and entrepreneurial spirit to jump in and start learning.

After an initial period of hands-on training in our farms, Next-Gen Farmers grow food for Square Roots customers across NYC. Our intuitive farming technology and expert team combine to help participants become the best indoor urban farmers they can be. The opportunities in front of successful graduates are endless.

Key components of the program include:

Learn to farm indoors.

Grow food in the tech-enabled systems of farming's future.

Study plant science.

Learn what's happening at the molecular level of the plant as it grows.

Get exposed to business.

Be involved at every step of the process from seedlings to sales, and study entrepreneurship frameworks that will be applicable to any future startup.

Build community.

Inspire even younger generations to get connected to their food, through our programs with local youth-oriented organizations.

Participants receive an entry-level salary, alongside healthcare coverage and other benefits.

A Week in the Life

The Next-Gen Farmer Training Program can be a life-changing experience—but is filled with hard work! This is a full-time, year-long commitment reporting to our farm manager. While the majority of time is spent farming, participants also support in-store demos and other community-building events. Additional programmed lectures, workshops, and more cover a wide range of topics—from integrated pest management practices to real food entrepreneurship frameworks. Our mission is to empower the next generation of leaders, so this is a diverse and full program that touches many aspects of the indoor farming industry and beyond.

Application Process

Our newsletters, social media, website, and farm tours are great places to learn more about future programs. Typically, our Brooklyn program runs from November to October with the application process opening the preceding June. Information about new farming campuses will be available soon.

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