Urban Farming Campus

Square Roots brings together technology, entrepreneurship, and a love for local, real food to empower leaders in urban agriculture. Our farming campus is located in Brooklyn, New York, at the former Pfizer factory—now home to a host of NYC food businesses. Ten real food entrepreneurs grow local, tasty, food inside hydroponic, controlled-climate container farms located in the parking lot. Each container can yield more than more 50 lbs of leafy greens each week and only needs about eight gallons of water a day.

Resident Entrepreneur Program

During a 13 month program, Square Roots’ Resident Entrepreneurs take part in a curriculum of skill-based training, professional development plans, and experiential learning in the four pillars of Farming, Business, Community, and Leadership. The coursework spans classes, workshops, coaching and training sessions, and practical experiences empowering each Resident Entrepreneur to run their farming businesses and get connected with the real food community.

Community Network

The real food future requires collaboration. From local business owners to global thought-leaders—the more of us working towards the real food revolution, the better. Square Roots brings together an incredible network of communities to empower entrepreneurial leaders in the future of food.