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Fresh, local greens, grown for flavor.

Package of Square Roots Basil
Square Roots Basil


Square Roots’ genovese sweet basil is fragrant and full of bright, fresh flavor. With mild clove-like notes, it’s perfect with tomatoes, but fresh basil compliments sweet and savory alike.

Next-Level Tips

  • Blend into pesto or hummus.
  • Add to fresh veggies and simple salads.
  • Fold into baked goods like pies and cookies.
  • Pop into potato or pasta dishes.
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Square Roots Chives


Square Roots’ chives boast mild garlic and onion notes with a bold kick. Chives pair well with creamy meals and add crunch and zest to fresh dishes.

Next-Level Tips

  • Snip on top of cheesy omelettes.
  • Chop with nuts and seeds for a fresh salad topping.
  • Layer over creamy soups.
  • Sprinkle over all your fancy toasts.
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Square Roots Mint


Square Roots’ mint has a fresh, cool flavor with notes of citrus. It balances earthy flavors, mellows out spice, and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Next-Level Tips

  • Sprinkle over yogurt and berries.
  • Add to hearty grain bowls.
  • Steep in water or teas.
  • Top roasted beets or eggplant.
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