Who's Involved?

Core Team

Annalyn Lavey

GM and Founding Member

Operations and finance ninja.

Startup stardust sprinkler (3x exits).

Fresh food finder, everyday kind of cook.

Phil Cuddeback

Master Farmer

Farmer of all things delicious.

Ex-Freight Farms; 3x organic farms.

Favorite days are harvest days.

Christie Little

Brand Director

Communicator of vibes.

Food system design.

Words + Images.

Paul Berry


Builder of software and hardware.

Ex-RunKeeper, Tapjoy.

Former digital nomad.

Tobias Peggs

Cofounder and CEO

Brit abroad.

PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

Triathlete, snowboarder, calorie consumer.

Kimbal Musk

Cofounder and Exec Chairman

The Kitchen Cofounder.

Board member at Tesla, SpaceX, Chipotle.

Real food for everyone.

Partners in Real Food.

Mentors & Advisors