Membership Terms

Er, what’s this all about?

Square Roots farmer-entrepreneurs are on a mission to bring real food to everyone. With the Farm to Local membership you can now sign up to get freshly harvested, delicious greens delivered directly to you.

How does the delivery work?

We drop directly to your office on a weekly basis. When you sign up, if your office location is not on the list, simply request a new location, and one of the Square Roots farmers will be in touch. They’ll also talk with you about the best day to deliver.

Can I choose I my greens?

Each week you’ll get a thoughtfully curated selection of the farmers’ freshest, tastiest greens. But if you really love certain varieties, just email your farmer, and they’ll try to work their magic for you.

What’s on the menu right now?

We grow over 40 varieties of greens and herbs including ultra-nutritious kale, peppery arugula, super-delicious spinach and hella-spicy mustard greens. You’re gonna love ‘em.

Can I skip a week?

Of course! Simply fill out this form at least two days before the next delivery day. (We like to reduce food waste, and don’t want to harvest if you’re not going to eat it.) Note, if you’re going out of town for a longer period, you can pause your membership for up 4 weeks at a time.

How do I unsubscribe?

We hope you don’t! But if for some reason you want to unsubscribe, just email your farmer at least two days before the next scheduled delivery day.

I want more food! How do I upgrade my membership?

We love hearing this! If you want to go from Nanobite to Megabite, or from Megabite to Terabite, simply email your farmer to get more greens. Starting with your next delivery, you’ll automatically be charged the new rate.

Other questions?

Drop us a line here.

As a chef or restaurant owner, partnering with Square Roots entrepreneurial farmers means building deep relationships around local, real food. Each partnership is uniquely designed for you - from collaborative crop planning for specific varieties of greens, to personalized dinners, farm tours, and other events connecting the farmer, your restaurant and your customers. Whether your priority is serving the best-tasting greens in New York, or creating engaging experiences for your customers on our Brooklyn farm, we’d love to talk.

Partner with a Farmer

Square Roots’ local urban farmers work with specialty markets to bring delicious, freshly-harvested greens straight to New Yorkers. Building and supporting local food businesses is a collaborative effort that our entrepreneurial farmers are committed to. We’re always open to new ideas on how to strengthen local communities through real food. We’d love to talk about getting Square Roots greens in your store.

Partner with a Farmer