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How Rethink Food is supporting NYC with safe, fresh food during COVID-19.

Square Roots | 03.19.20

This past Sunday, we decided to prioritize getting the food we grow at our Brooklyn farm to people who need it most by expanding our partnership with Rethink Food NYC. Temporarily changing our business model in light of COVID-19, this week we began donating all the food we harvest in Brooklyn to Rethink so they can safely create meals for food-insecure New Yorkers.

Many people in our community have reached out about supporting Rethink’s efforts of bringing food to those in need during these uncertain times as we work to get COVID-19 under control and ‘flatten the curve.’

Rethink Food NYC preparing meals for New Yorkers in need.

Photo: ReThink Food NYC

Getting meals to the people who need it most.

Founded by Matt Jozwiak, Rethink Food NYC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to recover nutritious, excess food to provide meals to New York City families in need. While working at some of NYC’s top-rated restaurants, Matt was alarmed by the amount of food wasted. That’s where the idea for Rethink Food NYC was born—to fight the problems of food waste and hunger so prevalent in NYC.

In response to COVID-19 and the closure of many restaurants, bars, and cafes, Rethink has set up a Restaurant Response Program—where they will select up to 30 restaurants and give them up to $40,000 to stay up and running to provide meals and feed their local communities.

Rethink has been working closely with public officials and restaurants to make meal distribution possible during this crisis, but they need your help.

How you can support.

Now more than ever, organizations like Rethink Food NYC need the support of the community to safely feed people in need. Opportunities to support at this time include:

  • Donations: Contribute food or other materials (ex. single-use cutlery, to-go containers, transporting equipment, etc), or sign up for one-time or recurring monthly monetary donations to support Rethink’s efforts to provide fresh, delicious meals.

  • Jobs: Rethink is increasing their operations as access to emergency food and supplies decreases. They are hiring temporary culinary team members, facilities team members, and food distribution associates. Apply here.

  • Long-Term Kitchen Volunteer: In response to COVID-19, Rethink Food is ramping up production of individual to-go meals to make sure every New Yorker has access to healthy meals. They need your help producing upwards of 15,000 meals a day! More info here.

Food producers, restaurants, and individuals can make a huge difference in people’s lives by coming together to fight hunger in New York City, especially right now. Thank you to Rethink for creating an infrastructure for us to get as much food to as many people in need as possible—in a safe way that reduces the risk of further spreading of the virus.

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