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The Square Roots Winter Podcast List

Square Roots | 11.06.19

Walk into any Square Roots farm on a harvest day and you’re sure to hear one of two things: the latest team-favorite podcast or a Spotify playlist to make the hours pass joyfully. We rounded up a list of our favorite podcasts to add to your queue this winter about farming, food, science, culture, and business.

Square Roots Winter Podcast List

Farming and Food
  1. Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg

    Why we love it: Hosted by the president of Food Tank, Dani Nierenberg, Food Talk keeps us in the know and on our toes with twice weekly interviews with leaders in the food industry.

  2. Dan Churchill’s The Epic Table

    Why we love it: Dan Churchill cooks, what we can only assume is a delicious meal, for an entrepreneur or thought leader in every episode. Take a listen to his June 19 episode for a conversation with Square Roots CEO Tobias Peggs!

  3. The David Chang Show

    Why we love it: We’re big fans of The Ringer network of podcasts here at Square Roots, and thrilled to have David Chang, chef of Momofuku restaurants, talking about culture, sports, and food with compelling guests in every episode of the David Chang Show.

  4. Food Safety Talk

    Why we love it: A farmer favorite, Food Safety Talk is niche podcasting at its best. Hosts Don and Ben are, as one reviewer called them, the “Neil DeGrasse Tyson of food safety.” It’s true, food safety can be fun!

  5. The Farm Report

    Why we love it: The farming industry is complex and ever-changing. The Farm Report talks to stakeholders on the ground and adds context to how the food industry interacts with health, the environment, and social justice. Plus, The Farm Report is a product of Heritage Radio Network which operates out of two converted shipping containers in Brooklyn. Listen local!

Technology and Business
  1. Business Wars

    Why we love it: How did the brands you see in the cereal aisle get there? The greatest rivalries of business are full of intrigue, strategy, and innovation. Business Wars tells the insider stories behind history’s fiercest business competitions.

  2. Startup

    Why we love it: As a growth-stage startup, we feel this podcast in our bones. The first and final seasons feature the ups and downs, victories and heartbreaks of the podcasting network, Gimlet, and it’s something anyone who’s worked in startups can relate to.

  3. How I Built This

    Why we love it: Guy Raz interviews a rotating cast of entrepreneurs and visionaries. If you’re sensing a theme, we love learning from other people’s successes and challenges. A team favorite is the episode about RX bars, because we’re all about disrupting the food industry.

  4. In Good Hands

    Why we love it: What role will business play in fighting climate change? It all depends on who’s steering the ship. In Good Hands explores businesses working to fight climate change while turning a profit.

  5. The Modern Acre

    Why we love it: Business meets farming in The Modern Acre. Hosts, Tim and Tyler interview the leaders in agriculture who are changing the farming industry for the future—including a conversation with Square Roots CEO, Tobias Peggs.

Science and Culture
  1. My Climate Journey

    Jason Jacobs, an entrepreneur seeking answers about climate change, interviews a range of big thinkers, including CEOs of forward-thinking companies, climate scientists, and economics experts. If you’re wondering where to start in learning about climate change, this is the place.

  2. Mogul

    Why we love it: The life of one New York City hip-hop legend, Chris Lighty, told by the people who knew him best. Season one of Mogul reminds us of the passion and heartbreak that go into creating something new.

  3. 99% invisible

    Why we love it: While working to reshape the food system, it helps to learn about the structures all around us that we tend not to notice. Shout out to the episode on barbed wire—we never knew it could be so interesting.

  4. Desert Island Discs

    Why we love it: A staple of UK radio for 75 years, this interview series is anchored around eight songs from the subject’s life that they would take to a desert island. Some of our favorite chefs and farmers are scattered through the archives.

  5. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

    Why we love it: With run times around the four hour mark, these masterpieces in storytelling are the perfect harvest-day or road-trip listen, whether or not you’re a history buff.

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