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Whiskey Wild Basil Cocktail

Square Roots | 06.28.19

Introducing, Whiskey Wild, the perfect recipe for when you’re running late to your day at the beach and only have room in your bag for a few key ingredients: bourbon, basil, sour mix—boom. We partnered with Swig + Swallow, Brooklyn creators of all-natural cocktail mixers, to make this delicious herb-y drink that’s easy enough to assemble on the fly.

Square Roots and Swig + Swallow's Whiskey Wild Basil Cocktail

  • 3 peach tea bags

  • 1 liter Bulleit Bourbon

  • 2 party-sized bottles Swig + Swallow Sour Mixer

  • 2 ½ cups black Tea

  • 1-2 packs Square Roots basil

  • 1 lemon sliced into wheels (for garnish)

Yield: 20 cocktails

Cocktail Instructions
  • Prepare peach infused bourbon: In a large punch bowl or pitcher, soak 3 peach tea bags in 1 liter of Bulleit Bourbon for 15-20 minutes.

  • Prepare black tea: Prepare any brand of quality black tea according to package instructions, steeping for slightly longer than normal to retain a strong flavor.

  • Pour the peach-infused bourbon into the Swig + Swallow bottles.

  • Shake briefly, then pour into a pitcher with the black tea.

  • Add half of the lemon wheels to pitcher.

  • Add the fresh Square Roots basil, smacking the leaves between your hands first to activate the aroma.

  • Pour into glasses over ice. Garnish with remaining lemon wheels and Square Roots basil leaves.

Preparing the Whiskey Wild basil cocktail

Next-Level Tips
  • Blend with ice to make FROZEN Whiskey Wilds!

  • Go non-alcoholic by skipping the bourbon and preparing the peach tea according to package instructions and adding seltzer.

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