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The Thing About Mint

Square Roots | 06.24.19

Always having fresh herbs on hand means you have a whole arsenal of fresh flavors to make your cooking memorable and flavorful. And we think using them should be intuitive (aka: you, making it look easy). The Square Roots farms replicate each herb’s ideal growing climate, so we can provide you with bountiful herbs, year-round. And for everything we grow, we provide the knowledge to make them another tool in your kitchen toolbelt.

Macro Square Roots Mint Leaf

Sweet. Cooling. A subtle hint of citrus. What would lamb, yogurt, or classic juleps be without mint? Square Roots grows a mild variety of mint that's particularly great with desserts—complementing anything chocolate and making for a deliciously tangy fruit sorbet.

Mint brings freshness to earthy flavors like pistachio, spinach, peas, asparagus, and beets. The menthol in mint tricks your brain into sensing a cooling effect, which makes it perfect with fresh chilies and spicy Indian curries. Remember, cooking diminishes mint’s flavor, so wait to add it until just before serving. Quick tip: if you crush the leaves slightly, it releases essential oils to supercharge the flavor.

Mint Leaf


Is there anything mint can’t do? Here’s a cheat sheet for perfect mint pairings:


Top a bowl of Greek yogurt and berries.

Mojitos, anyone?

Watermelon + feta + mint = The perfect summer salad.


Sprinkle on a quinoa veggie salad for a mediterranean upgrade.

Top sautéed sugar snap peas with chile, lemon, and lots of fresh mint.

Dollop lamb burgers with a minty cucumber yogurt sauce.

Square Roots packaged mint

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